Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund

Jack Marshall is 5 years old. He is a fun, caring boy with a fantastic sense of humour, who loves his friends and family very much. Three weeks after starting reception year at school he became ill.

Jack was four years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the end of October 2009. He was just one of the 450 children in the UK who are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year. Jack’s condition was confirmed quite quickly and immediately after diagnosis, he had an operation to remove the tumour. Unfortunately, by this stage, doctors discovered the cancer had spread, leaving “seeds” in his brain and around his spine. The operation had left Jack unable to walk or talk.
Despite undergoing gruelling bouts of radiotherapy, where his whole head was encased in a protective mask and bolted face down to a bed twice daily for four and a half weeks, Jack never complained. Instead, from outside the treatment room, his parents and the nurses could hear him still singing!

There followed a period of recovery. The latest update is not so good.
I wrote this writes:
“It is with great sorrow and much sadness to inform you that on Wednesday the 23rd March 2011 Craig and I, were give the devastating news that Jacks cancer had come back. There are lesions over his brain and the cancer cells have spread down his spine (leaving him for the 4th time in his short life unable to walk). Joshua, Jacks brother has been told (we have never kept anything from him) and he is equally devastated. We are very proud of both our sons, and the way they have both dealt with Jacks illness, we have a great network of family and friends, with whom we are eternally grateful for their support and friendship throughout Jacks illness and undoubtedly afterwards”.
Please visit Jack’s homepage and leave a message, Twitter or Facebook spread the word helping us to raise awareness.
The conceptual purpose of the charity is as follows:

1. Raise awareness of Brain Tumours affecting children, the young and the vulnerable, on a National/International scale.

2. Offer some support to the families of children who are recently diagnosed with a Brain Tumour or who find themselves in financial difficulties as a result of their childs diagnosis.

3. Funding local initiatives to support families of children diagnosed with any Cancer, in areas where support facilities may be lacking.


  1. This is one blog that everyone should follow. The family are truly inspirational and Jacks courage amazes us every day

  2. I love the background image tracey :) one of my faves of Jack i think. Ive posted this to my facebook & will put it on twitter for you too xxx

  3. Hi Tracey i'm already following you all & doing my bit but I am also a professional fundraising copywriter so if I can help in any way, plse do let me know. Have worked for charities like Bliss/Muscular Dystrophy Campaign & many more & would be proud to help you raise the profile of BTA for Jack at no charge of course. xxx