Thursday, 9 June 2011

An update on my amazing Jack 20/05/2011

Here's and update! We had Jacks consultant come to the house yesterday to see Jack, not quite what we had foreseen after being told that news all those weeks ago!
He wasnt walked a lot since we came home from hospital, without support. He did however with lots of help a few weeks ago stand in the hallway and kick a ball. But his legs have stopped working over the last week or two.....

Jacks health however is stable the steroids have worked there magic and he is enjoying every single day and so are we, with laughter, joy, fun, dvd's, marshmallows, milky bars (cringe, diet) but, Hey! He's still eating for the first time in 19 months consistently!And we laugh every single day!!

Tracey, Jacks mum x

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