Thursday, 9 June 2011

Recently watching Jack work his magic

I sat the other morning and watched three grown nurses stand at the bottom of Jacks bed (in the living room) hanging on his every word, giggling like school girls as he talked to them. Flashing his eyebrows and winking at them! That's Jack the charmer I have been in hospital with Jack when he has told nurses that they "are beautiful" and "his best girl"

Last night I got into bed at 1am, and while still very sleep Jack grabbed my hand and kissed it!
Jacks health is stable at this time but that doesn't mean for him/us things won't change horribly quickly if medicines are needed to be given.

But for now..... we Still have the pleasure of Jacks smiles and humour and utter bravery every single day! And the honour of spending these precious days with him!
Which could be days, weeks or months?.......

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