Thursday, 22 September 2011

Twitter/Facebook picture for the day! Thank you BT AWARE

Tomorrow 23rd September 2011 will be 6 months since we brought @Jack_Marshall_ home after being told the shocking news his cancer had come back and was terminal we were told he would probably not see out that weekend back in March 2011 today Jack is STILL fighting and has done us so proud.
Please today can I ask you make this picture ABOVE of Jack your Avatar Picture(taken while visiting London, having fought Jack has given us wonderful memories with him, more than we could of hoped for)

Please can You also tweet this " Ive changed my picture for 48hrs to raise Brain Tumour awareness on behalf of @Jack_Marshall_ You can too: #jacksarmy "

Can I ask that #JacksArmy use this picture tomorrow, Friday and Saturday as their avatar and help us raise Brain Tumour awareness over the whole of Twitter and Facebook?

Thank you for your constant messages of support to Jack and my family! #Jack6MonthsOnStillGoingStrong #Notgoingdownwithoutafight

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