Sunday, 4 September 2011

Jacks been home nearly 6 months! UPDATE

As it is coming up to 6 months since we brought home Jack that day I thought it appropriate to update you all!
When we came home on the 23rd March 2011 with Jack it was the hardest thing we ever did, Jacks brain tumour had come back and spread across his brain and down his spine! All I new is that I wanted him home with US his family for cuddles and laughter and smiles! Jack was very poorly in this picture and we were told he would not survive the weekend! We were absolutley devastated I got in the ambulance a medicine in each hand to give to jack if needed in the ambulance if he was in pain or had a seizure I had to give it!! The staff (some in tears) waved us off for the last time!

we arrived home in the ambulance and as we came in through the door i asked Jack where he wanted to be in the house, "In the front room to play on the Wii mum" We continued as a family looking for memories to remember, Jack Wilshere and his family have been amazing and because of them we have had some GREAT memories and made some really TRUE friends! Considering our circumstance we have had some amazing times with Jack over the last 6 months because of some other AMAZING people too!! And from there on in he seemed to get better! the hospital we left for the last time we went back to for an MRI when we were 4 MONTHS in!! the MRI showed the disease had spread further and the consultant was surprised that he wasn't more symptomatic, palliative care was to continue and I was told when i questioned us going away after the MRI "Tracey, in palliative care, they live until they day" and I will NEVER forget that?! And we benefited from that!
We have faced and continue to face difficult hard decisions(understatement) every single day but Jack helps us with a smile every step of the way to make the right ones!:)

Now today nearly 6 months in, he is comfortable.We were told the other day that that his bone marrow is becoming affected as the cancer has spread more! which could lead to low platelet count and blood, bleeding,and other things to awful to write,(to see symptoms of low blood/platelet counts please look on internet) they will NOT transfuse Jack but only offer us support so WE can manage his symptoms (that for US as parent is a hard pill to swallow, we have to sit back wait and witness his decline in this way!!) They are not sure how this could effect Jack in other ways as the hospital has not seen a case before were a child has lived so long after coming home in the circumstance we did! We are not sure how long Jack has left, maybe weeks but the medicines we are needing to give Jack could change that in a minute so we are still making the most of every day!
Thank you for all your support shown to Jack and my family along the way, see you on twitter of facebook or here!?? pl also go to to get a Jack marshall brain tumour awareness wristband

NOW, jACK AND I, Jack is still fighting nearly 6 months later, even now when everything else has left him he is STILL smiling! We are so proud of him and the brain tumour awareness he has raised by smiling, being brave, caring, loving and having a fantastic sense of humour, through the awful treatment he has had to have! he is way beyond his 6 years of age! Love you Jack 100, 5,4 kisses as you would say!


  1. You are all so brave,my heart will always follow you where ever you may be.xxxxxxx

  2. Jack i actually love you
    You are simply outstanding,amazing and beautiful keep fighting little man
    Much love
    Rachael x

  3. What an fantastically brave boy and you as parents and big brother are inspiring.Our thoughts are with you all. Karen Hunkin and family,Cornwall.

  4. Jack is a little stunner! Such a beautiful boy inside and out. I have been following on Twitter and feel like a 'Jack groopy' . My thoughts are with all the family- You are all being so strong and the awareness you are bringing for BT is truely amazing. Jack you are such a little Dude- keep smiling and giving Mummy those special hugs. Tania Bunce and family, London xx

  5. @Nightfall on twitter sent Jack this message : @Jack_Marshall_ Just read your "6month home update" on FB. Beautiful yet heartbreaking. You have redefined "bravery". An amazing family x

  6. Dear Tracey,

    You are a remarkable woman and a wonderful mum!! I get very sad when I read your posts on twitter but at the same time I cant help but smile because Jacks smile is just so infectious.

    I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be for you to write your updates and post the things you do on FB and twitter but I am so glad that you find the strength to do so. In the photographs that you post it is obvious how much Jack loves his family and how much they all love him.

    I wish I had great words of wisdom that I could share with you, I wish lots of things but I don't have the skills or the wisdom so all I can really say is thank you for sharing you wonderful little boy with us all he is a joy and I will never forget him or any of his family that I have been "introduced" to via twitter.

    I send you my prayers, my thoughts and my love every day and will continue to do so.

    Halina sawicki

  7. Thank you so much Halina for your kind words! Jack always made others smile though his treatment which is why i felt i had to share my amazing boy with everyone! thank you for your support tweet my account @TraceyJMarshall if I don't already follow you please x

  8. I think of you all everyday Jack and the time we spent together in hospital. Even poorly you brought the ward alive and we couldnt help but laugh and make jokes with you.
    I always describe you as 'shinning' the type of child with so much personality and laughter you always remember. Love you Jack and big hugs to Josh, Mummy and Daddy x x Hayley, Tez, Amelia & Oscar x

  9. I can only echo the words of others, Jack continues to amaze me with his strength and courage. You must be so proud of your two boys, Jack for the way he has faced this horrendous battle, and Josh for being such a supportive brother. Your story has united a nation with their support for Jack. I have a little boy (well he's 10 now!) and I had no idea about this illness. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through what you are so I will continue to tell Jack's story to anyone who will listen so that we can raise brain tumour awareness.

    Always in my prayers - take care.


  10. You simply take my breath away..all of you! I read your posts with tears and smiles and so many mixed emotions...I love your passion your humor and your love for each other, your strength through pain and pleasure, I love Jacks passion and courage for life, his strength through pain and pleasure his pure joy in being with the ones he loves.

    Thank you for sharing your intimate, beautiful, painful journey. And Jack Thank you for being you! You are perfect in every way xx
    Lesley (A now life long supporter of btaware)

  11. Following you twitter now Tracey, hope all is well with you today and that everyone has had a settled night

  12. Tracey you are amazing - and so are your family. I seriously don't know how you've managed to get through this even with your humour and bravery, but I'm sure little Jack has survived this long because of the love he is surrounded with every minute of the day.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, emotions, and photographs with us all, it's very humbling and our thoughts are with you all the time. xxx

  13. Hello Young Man, get well soon... Soon you will playing Rugby. All the best!

  14. Hi Jack - I love your smiles. You look so amazing and beautiful. You're such a strong and cutie kid - your smile is sure has kept your parents strong and, no doubt is keeping you going stronger by the day.

    I'll keep you in prayers and I wish you a miracle recovery.

    Keep smiling, Gorgeous Jack.