Friday, 15 July 2011

When Jack went to Carrington Training Ground, April 2011

Jack and us went to Carrington and met the Manchester United players back in April. The boys had a great day!
Rio, Wayne, Hernandez & Ryan, just some of the Manchester United players we met that day, Thank you for making us feel welcome.

Us with Ryan Giggs

The boys with Javier Hernandez

5am in the morning but Jack WAS ready to go!!

Us with Wayne Rooney Jacks hero! Jack awoke to Wayne stood by his bed, *breath in shocked* "Roooooney" Jack said "Guess what?......You're the best footballer in the whooooole world" Well, NOT a dry eye in the house!

Us with Rio Ferdinand

Jack went to Carrington and met a few of the players back in April. The boys had a great day!


  1. That's awesome! I'm glad the family could meet the players. I'm sure Jack and his brother had an especially good time.

    Prayers continuing!

    Mark in the USA (NC)

  2. Hey Jack. Thought you might like to know that Wayne Rooney was wearing your wristband yesterday (18/07/11) when he was training at Nike HQ in Portland, Oregon USA. The pictures are on but here is Rooney